i4Y Training/Student Opportunities


i4Y will train and mentor undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students to be the next generation of leaders in adolescent public health and well-being. 

i4Y is committed to:

  • establishing a training center to provide the methodological expertise for multi-disciplinary, applied scientists
  • providing rigorous and formative experiences in trans-disciplinary, real-world, youth-involved, team-based practice
  • building cross-disciplinary partnerships for social innovation, human-centered design and skills to work collaboratively with community partners

If you would like to get involved, please send your resume and a cover letter listing your interests to i4Y@berkeley.edu. Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for our yearly URAP positions and the YES program. 


i4Y YES Cohort 2019

Youth Equity Scholars Program (YES)

The Youth Equity Scholars Program (YES) offers opportunities for undergraduates to research adolescent health and wellbeing, as well as partner with community organizations through i4Y’s Research Practice Partnerships (RPPs).

Post Doc

i4Y is seeking post docs interested in youth and adolescent development and community partnered research.

Summer Fellowship

Summer fellowship focused on adolescent health and well-being.