Community Engaged Scholarship


Funded by the WT Grant Foundation (with additional support by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation) in its highly competitive Institutional Challenge Award, the goals of this work are aligned with our public mission and strategic plan to enhance UC Berkeley’s public impact of our research portfolio by support and elevating community-partnered scholarship and to reduce the individual burdens and barriers perceived and experienced by members of the campus community that are engaged in partnered research as well as the external community partners who work with us.

With support from the Academic Senate, the Vice Chancellor for Research Office (VCRO), and the Deans of Berkeley Public Health, Social Welfare, and the Graduate school of Education, we are working collaboratively with key stakeholders at Berkeley to generate immediate and sustainable support for community-partnered scholarship.

UC Berkeley PIs: Emily Ozer and Susan Stone

SFUSD PI: Norma Ming

Key staff: Devin Corrigan, Marieka Schotland and Brian Villa

Steering Committee: Colette “Coco” Auerswald, Valerie ShapiroSusan Stone, Qing ZhouJason OkonofuaDeborah McKoy, Chunyan Yang

Addressing Institutional Challenges in Community Engaged Scholarship

Public purpose is core to our Berkeley mission & values. Yet, institutional policies and culture often create barriers for faculty and other investigators who pursue research in the public interest, by insufficient (a) value on the effort and impact of these parts of our research portfolios, (b) visibility of this work within and outside of the Berkeley community, and (c) addressing the pain points for the range of research in the public interest conducted in partnership and/or coordination with non-academic entities such as governmental and nongovernmental organizations.  Please see our recent webinar slides  and blog post for more information. Click here for some tips and resources to support the faculty evaluation case process in terms of self-statements and models for outside letters. 

Research Practice-Partnerships Collaborative

The RPP Collaborative is a network that seeks to build on the growing movement around UC Berkeley campus to engage in community partnership-based research about youth and education for greater public impact. The Collaborative seeks to systematize, strengthen, and spread the approaches through which researchers and practitioners collaborate. The Collaborative aims to document and disseminate the works of these partnerships and to build a foundation for additional partnerships with surrounding communities. Click here for a description of building a partnership agreement between UC Berkeley and SFUSD.