Special Project: Youth and Inequalities Initiative


We are embarking on creating an innovative and rigorous center for community-partnered science rooted in our local communities - the cities of Berkeley and San Francisco. Using a research-practice partnership model (RPP), a well known structure within education research, we aim to make UC Berkeley a global leader in training the next generation of leaders in conducting community-collaborative research to improve youth wellbeing.

RPP models leverage institutional relationships with school districts to improve the education, health, and career outcomes of young people in their districts. RPPs are long term engagements that seek to build mutualistic relationships between the partner community-based and research institutions, for the aim of transforming systems practice and improving outcomes. While most RPPs are primarily focused on education, we are looking to build upon interdisciplinary cross-cutting research, as we know the lives of young people are multifaceted and that solutions to ending youth inequalities require multiple sectors working together. 

See below for information on the current state of youth and adolescents in the cities of Berkeley and San Francisco and join us as we seek to build collaborative partnerships for change in these communities.