Reproductive Health, Sexuality and Relationships


The future of our planet will be strongly influenced by the reproductive outcomes of today’s youth. Our main focus areas are policy, clinical interventions, and structural interventions. i4Y dedicates itself to providing evidence on what type of interventions will provide long-lasting benefits to reproductive outcomes. i4Y determines when to intervene during key developmental windows of adolescence. i4Y Informs the development of new policies targeting youth transition to adulthood.

Child Marriage and Youth Empowerment Group

Promoting youth empowerment and the successful transition to adulthood, with a particular focus on child marriage

Holistic Education for Youth (HEY!)

Holistic Education for Youth (HEY!)

Holistic Education for Youth (HEY!) is a school-based intervention that seeks to prevent child marriage in rural areas of Honduras by utilizing design-based research to design, develop, and implement a curriculum that focuses on promoting gender equality and providing students with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions regarding child marriage.