1. Child marriage among boys in high-prevalence countries
  2. UNICEF Brief - Research with Disadvantaged, Vulnerable, and/or Marginalized Adolescents
  3. UNICEF Brief - Adolescent Participation in Research: Innovation, Rationale, and Next Steps
  4. Child Marriage in the United States: How Common Is the Practice, And Which Children Are at Greatest Risk?
  5. YIELD Project Learning and Synthesis Report: Young people advancing sexual and reproductive health
  6. Berkeley Food Institute Research Showcase, MAY 3, 2017

News and Press Releases:

  1. Youth Engagement and Participation: Field-Building Across Research and Practice
  2. Input Compassion Output Results
  3. Lancet Commission Report (2016) 
  4. Community Health Workers: Bringing Family Planning Services to Where People Live and Work
  5. Mortality of street youth
  6. HIV prevalence in street boys in Western Kenya
  7. Improving the counts of homeless youth in California
  8. WHO report (2014)
  9. IOM report (2014)
  10. Editorial comment from Richard Horton on adolescent health in the Lancet

Websites and Media:

  1. YPAR Hub
  2. Bixby Center for Population, Health and Sustainability 
  3. Gen2026: Bay Area and Beyond (YouTube Video)
  4. Global Adolescent Health in Vietnam (Prezi Presentation)
  5. Young Workers: Young Worker Health and Safety Website 
  6. UNFPA-UNICEF Global Programme to Accelerate Action to End Child Marriage 
  7. USAID Youth Power webinar: Engaging Youth in Research 
  8. UC Berkeley School of Public Health 75th Anniversary Celebration webinar: Research with communities and youth to improve health and wellbeing: Focus on YPAR