Why i4Y

An international consensus is now emerging regarding the urgency of addressing youth wellbeing – particularly with respect to improving the “upstream” inequalities in health, education, and community systems that drive disparities in adolescent health.



Our vision is a world in which all adolescents have access to the structures of opportunity and are free from barriers to fulfill their greatest potential.

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i4Y catalyzes innovative interventions, practices and policies to improve equity and well-being for youth locally and worldwide.

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i4Y builds partnerships between faculty from diverse fields, students and trainees at UC Berkeley with adolescents and community collaborators. We develop, evaluate and diffuse innovative interventions, practices, and policies. This includes pursuing projects within our 4 initiatives as well as in training and mentorship.


Capitalizing on UC Berkeley’s unique combination of 1) Leadership in community-­engaged research and the structural determinants of health, 2) Depth in adolescent-­focused research, and 3) Commitments to equity and diversity, Berkeley is positioned to be the hub and innovation lab for the promotion of adolescent health and wellbeing.